Abay GERD Token

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Contract: 660941bb4aa9fcb0ed0375673d21088a9d0c5019


Abay GERD Token (GERD) is a cryptocurrency project inspired by the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) in Ethiopia. This project aims to create a digital economy based on the empowerment of the Ethiopian population. With a total supply of 120 billion tokens, each of the 115 million Ethiopians will have the opportunity to claim 1000 tokens as their share.

The Abay GERD Token project seeks to foster unity and cooperation within the Ethiopian community and contribute to the country’s development. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is a significant infrastructure project and a symbol of Ethiopia’s progress and unity. Drawing inspiration from this remarkable achievement, the Abay GERD Token project aims to create a cryptocurrency that embodies the spirit of the Ethiopian people and their aspirations for growth and prosperity.


The Abay GERD Token has a total supply of 120 billion tokens, with a fixed decimal of 2. Each token represents one of the 115 million Ethiopians, allowing each individual to claim 1000 tokens for a total 115 billion claimable tokens. So far, a total of 1.5 billion tokens have been burned to the following contract address: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead . The remaining 3.5 billion tokens are reserved for future development. The project is built on the Binance Smart Chain, utilizing the BEP20 token standard.

Token Allocation Addresses:

115,000,000,000 ' National Allocation Reserve ' 0x02a2013C569c3cF7a8bf3DFE70D97c76B44993dc
1,500,000,000 Token Burning Mechanism 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead
1,238,000,000 Development Reserve Fund 0x8bF286A0135489832300e33F57ACc7ADA2Ca8133
950,000,000 Initial Distribution - Phase 1 0xAfDAaDe5b0044993813b1f06cC3F3c6C025a1F1D
920,000,000 Initial Distribution - Phase 2 0x2C2b19aE578425B628302Eb3c0215D2BFE3e14fd
389,500,000 Liquidity Provision - Pool 1 0x69d944663b294E1bDFE043d1f798076f9A342b3c
1,400,000 Liquidity Provision - Pool 2 0x660941bb4AA9FcBED00375673D21088A9d0C5019
1,000,000 GERD Dignitary Reserve 0x75F5f7d68AD14f467c935d6B375D350614F9cF68
100,000 Claim Dispensing System 0x61Cd2869ae3c71434daf8f51ce5B761B56AB4724

Token Distribution

To ensure that each Ethiopian can claim their share of the tokens, a fair and transparent distribution system will be implemented to ensure maximum participation.

We've designed an innovative and balanced token distribution model to both foster global interest and encourage local adoption within Ethiopia. Our goal is to create a strong foundation for our token by ensuring it's spread amongst a diverse group of holders while also supporting our home base.

Phase 1: Global Distribution
The first phase of our distribution model is open to participants from around the world. The first 5,000 wallet addresses, irrespective of geographical location, will have the opportunity to claim 1,000 GERD tokens each. This phase allows global enthusiasts to become a part of our community and contribute to the development and recognition of our token.

Phase 2: Local Adoption
The second phase of our distribution model is specifically designed to boost adoption within Ethiopia. The first 5,000 wallet addresses that are originating within Ethiopia will automatically be able to claim 7,500 Abay GERD tokens each. This localized distribution not only shows our commitment to our roots but also provides an excellent opportunity for Ethiopians to engage with blockchain technology and become a part of our growing ecosystem.

Phase 3: Continued Local Distribution
After the first 5,000 global and 5,000 local wallet addresses have claimed their tokens, all future token claims will be limited to wallets originating within Ethiopia. We believe this approach will sustain the momentum of local adoption and continue to build a strong user base in Ethiopia.

Through this strategic distribution model, we aim to create a balanced and robust network of token holders, contributing to the long-term sustainability and success of the Abay GERD token.

Abay GERD Token Smart Contract

The Abay GERD Token is developed using the Solidity programming language and is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The smart contract includes essential functions such as balance checks, token transfers, and approvals. The contract ensures the secure and transparent management of the token supply.

Use Cases

The Abay GERD Token can be utilized in various ways, such as:

  • Digital Economy: The token will help promote the growth of a digital economy in Ethiopia by encouraging local businesses to adopt cryptocurrency as a means of payment.
  • Remittance Services: Abay GERD Token can facilitate remittance services, enabling Ethiopians living abroad to send money back home easily and cost-effectively.
  • Financial Inclusion: The Abay GERD Token project will help promote financial inclusion in Ethiopia by providing an accessible digital currency for the unbanked population.
  • Community Development: The Abay GERD Token can be used to fund local community projects and initiatives, contributing to the overall development of the country.

  • Forward Looking Statement

    The Abay GERD Token project is a significant step towards creating a digital economy in Ethiopia, inspired by the unity and progress symbolized by the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. With a fair distribution system and a wide range of use cases, the Abay GERD Token aims to empower the Ethiopian people and contribute to the country’s growth and prosperity.

    The GERD token, at the moment, does not have a monetary value attached to it in terms of traditional currencies like the dollar. This is because its true worth isn't calculated in dollars and cents, but in the shared ownership and sense of unity it fosters among Ethiopians. The value of the GERD token is intrinsically linked to the shared ownership of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the benefits it brings to Ethiopia and its people. As these tokens are evenly distributed among the Ethiopian population, they represent an equitable stake in this national project.

    But the true potential of these tokens goes beyond immediate financial gain. The GERD tokens have the capacity to hold generational value. They are not just tokens for today; they're tokens for our children and our children's children. They represent a share in Ethiopia's progress and prosperity, which will continue to grow and develop over time.

    In the future, as the GERD project progresses and yields more benefits, the value of the tokens may increase, reflecting the growing prosperity of Ethiopia. Therefore, while these tokens may not have a direct dollar value now, they hold a promise of shared wealth and progress for all Ethiopians, now and in the generations to come.

    The Abay GERD Token project team encourages all participants to claim their share of tokens for free while participating in the token distribution process.

    Special Token Distribution - Honoring The Pioneers of GERD

    The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) was a monumental project and a testament to Ethiopian ingenuity and determination. We would like to acknowledge and honor the individuals who played a pivotal role in turning this dream into reality. Their unwavering commitment and dedication serve as an inspiration to us all.

    In recognition of the extraordinary contributions made by certain dignitaries to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), we are honored to grant a symbolic token of appreciation, in the form of 1 million Abay GERD tokens, to each of these individuals.

    These tokens are not deducted from the 115 billion tokens reserved for the 115 million Ethiopians. Instead, they will be allocated from the separate pool of tokens set aside for future development. This gesture is a testament to our deep gratitude for their invaluable contributions, their unwavering commitment, and the indelible marks they have made on this monumental project. Their dedication and the impact they've had will forever be a significant part of Ethiopia's history.

    Our first honoree is the late Engineer Simegnew Bekele. As the Chief Project Manager of GERD, his tireless efforts and dedication played a critical role in the progress of this ambitious undertaking. Despite the many challenges that came his way, Engineer Simegnew stood firm in his conviction, inspiring those around him with his unwavering commitment and enthusiasm. His untimely departure was a great loss to the nation, but his legacy continues to inspire us and future generations.

    We are privileged to present this token of appreciation posthumously to Engineer Simegnew Bekele, a true Ethiopian hero. The grant of 1 million Abay GERD Tokens is a humble gesture of recognition for his immense contribution to the GERD and the country. These tokens will remain reserved under 0x75F5f7d68AD14f467c935d6B375D350614F9cF68 until his rightful heirs come forward to claim them.

    Stay tuned as we continue to recognize and honor more individuals who have made significant contributions to the GERD project. Their dedication and the indelible marks they have made on this project will be forever inscribed in the fabric of Ethiopian history.

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